Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jonah's Day

Nanna and Kiri came with me to dress Jonah. It is a special, sacred time. I was grateful to have their love and support. It is what women do. We show up for the hard times, that become special and sacred. Finally... a picture of Nanna and Jonah.
My sister arranged Jonah's table with all the gifts people brought for Jonah. Such love and sacrifice for a life so short, but so beautiful.
As we arrived at the cemetery Tai Nui and Uncle Teancum placed Jonah in his spot.

After Rob dedicated the grave, he decided to put Jonah down. He taught us how to take a handful of dirt and say our last good-byes to Jonah as we toss the dirt in. We put our lovely leis in, too. He called the tractor over and everyone helped secure Jonah in his final resting place where he will await the great and glorious day of the Resurrection.
Jonah is laid to rest with his brothers. It is finished.

Because we can only handle so much seriousness.....

After we opened the grave and put Jonah down, my sweet 3 year old niece was running through the crowd to her daddy and saw the hole too late. She took a tumble right down in! Her uncle pulled her out, minus one shoe that got wedged between Jonah and the dirt. He pulled that out too. Does anyone else find that humorous? I appreciate Jaelle's comic relief. Thanks, sweetheart!

And... ever wonder what happens the night before a funeral? After a Family night filled with Opa's faith and music all around, the girls had a fashion show. All outfits donated by Tonja.:)

Do you see the smiles? They are real. Its ok to smile, to celebrate a life with those that are still here.

Thank you, everyone, for filling our home with noise and chaos and love and faith.


  1. it is always a joy being with you guys, no matter the circumstance because you just know how to find the good in every situation. Glad my daughter could provide comic relief, and thanks for not being upset. Sorry St. Patty's was a hard day for you, grateful you have amazing friends looking out for you.

  2. Behka, I'm a little slow on checking in. I'm so glad we came to see you and your sweet family. I loved loved loved being there.