Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mariah's Poem for Jonah

Today for Mother's Day Mariah gave me this gift:

Jonah Dare White
I am a newborn brother growing with each new day,
I wonder when I hit the sun light ray,
I hear the oohs and ahhs from everyone around me,
I see my loving wonderful family,
I want you to know that I’m Okay.

I am a newborn brother growing with each new day,
I pretend like I’m driving a national BMW racecar,
I feel like I’m the ping pong star,
I touch the love from my Father in Heaven,
I worry that I have little time with my siblings count seven,
I cry because I want to stay,
I am a new born brother growing with each new day.

I understand my Father’s plan,
I say you can always hold my hand,
I dream of the day I will see Him face to face,
I try to find the joy in my journey and it’s not easy in my case,
I hope you’re coming days won’t be gray as yesterday,
I am a newborn brother growing with each new day.

This was a special treat for me. Mariah has a way of expressing herself through poetry that I find absolutely beautiful. She had a poetry unit at school and had to write several for assignments and ever since I have been asking her to write one for Jonah. I love when hidden talents are found through the public education system of all things:)

Thank you, Mariah. Keep writing!


  1. Oh what a tender gift... perfect. Happy Mother's day to a most wonderful mother! xoxox

  2. Oh I love Mariah. What an amazing touching poem. Thanks for sharing, it brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart. I sure love you guys!

  3. Mariah, not only was her gift amazing and tender, but she is also amazing and tender. i hope you had a nice mother's day

  4. What a treasure, the poem and Mariah.